Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program

The Talmadge Patrol’s Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program was prompted by the need for safe lighting for Talmadge residents. Many residents who reside on alleyways or have dark garage areas on streets have installed low-watt dusk to dawn lights as a great energy-efficient alternative way to light dark areas.

It is well known by police and law enforcement agencies that good lighting throughout the night helps deter criminal activity. The dusk to dawn lights provided free of charge to Talmadge residents by the Talmadge Patrol come on automatically at dusk, remain on throughout the night, and turn off automatically at dawn. The cost of operating a light unit ranges from $2 to $4 per month, depending on the wattage supplied.

The Talmadge Patrol volunteers will come to your Talmadge residence and assess whether you have an existing electrical source at the desired location. While the Talmadge Patrol does not provide electrical services, the organization will donate the light and install the light free of charge once the electrical source is provided.

Help reduce crime in our Talmadge alleys and dark areas – light up the night in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner.

If you are interested in obtaining a dusk to dawn light for your property or an area near your residence, contact the Talmadge Patrol at talmadgepatrol@yahoo.com or call the Patrol phone line at 619-453-8268.