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Donations & Sponsorships are greatly appreciated by our hardworking neighbor volunteers. To learn how to mail a donation or how to advertise on this newly launched website, please see our instructions below and be counted as a Talmadge Website Supporter!

TCA Donors – 2017

Robin Behm & Wendy Beerbower, Natalie Dr
Angela & Cris Noble, Highland Ave

Donors – Website Redevelopment Fundraiser:

Robin Behm & Wendy Beerbower, Natalie Dr
Joe & Mindy Berge, Constance Dr
Annalisa Berta, 49th St
Sally Brett, Winona Ave
Allison Crews, Lorraine Dr
Elizabeth Cuthbertson, Winona Ave
Steven & Elizabeth Daitch, Natalie Dr
Wayne Hadden, 49th St
Susan Harringan, Highland Ave
Ken Horsely, Louise Dr
Damon McGorey & Michael Hughes, Natalie Dr
Kathy Jahn & Robert Chisholm, Adams Ave
Erin & Erik Judson, Miracle Dr
Raymond & Jeanette Keyes, Dick St
Jan & Elaine Lee, Natalie Dr
Suzanne McQuide, Jean Dr
Susan Millett, Jean Dr
Gary & Karen Nelson, Jean Dr
George & Melinda Palermo, Miracle Dr
Lynn Palmer, Miracle Dr
Thomas Selgas, Lorraine Dr
Carl Sundstrom, Janet Pl
Gustav Swanson, Lucille Dr
Bob Troisi & Ann Burnett Troisi, Natalie Dr
Urban Pool Service, 2012-2015 Sponsor
Talmadge Guest Casita, 2014-2015 Sponsor


Thanks to the many generous Donors who contributed to our Website Fundraiser and very special thanks to the Talmadge Block Party Committee for donating some of their Block Party proceeds to help make the 2017 website redevelopment project possible!

Applause to Noble Intent Studio for redeveloping the website with an exciting new design and needed technical upgrades. Big thanks to all photographers and history buffs who contributed so many great images for our new launch – keep it up!

Our gratitude to three advertisers, Afton Miller, and Megan Beauvais, and Jonathan & Laura Pool who stepped up early as sponsors on the old website to ensure transitional funding was secure for the first months of the new website. Thank you!

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1-Make checks payable to “TCA” and include “Website” in the memo section of your check.

2-Please MAIL check to TCA, PO Box 600904, San Diego, CA 92160. Thank you!

Neighbors, we greatly appreciate monetary gifts of support in any amount. For annual gifts of $50 or more, we will proudly list your Name in the Donor section of our Sponsor webpage. Name will be listed as it appears on your check, unless you include a note with your mailed check instructing us differently (eg. John & Jan Doe, The Smith Family on Lucille Dr, The Neighbors of Dick St). Important opt-out:  If you do not wish to be listed online, please include a note with your mailed check instructing of such.