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We are privileged in Talmadge to have a trifecta of communication platforms to keep our neighborhood connected, informed, fun, and always improving. Our Website is our neighborhood’s public face, true, but it is so much more. Our Talmadge Googlegroup and our Talmadge Nextdoor forums rely on the info hub of this Talmadge Website where our Organizations’ webpages & webmail, our media archives, calendar, and the story of our community are all hosted.  Live in Talmadge or considering Talmadge as your next neighborhood? Then most anything you want to know or need to reference is under the umbrella of this website!

How to Support the TCA and our Website: Website Sponsorships & Donations support our 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt, umbrella organization Talmadge Community Association (TCA) which funds all TCA, TCC, and Website expenses per its budget. Currently, TCA is funded solely by website sponsors and donors – Please take notice of these generous neighbors and please support these local business operators! Talmadge Leadership greatly appreciates the generosity of all donors who contributed to our previous website Fundraiser, as well as the new sponsors who helped us launch our newly redeveloped website in 2017! Special thanks to the Talmadge Block Party who designated proceeds to the 2016-2017 website redevelopment project! Special thanks to Noble Intent Studio for their design & technical support in building this new website for Talmadge! To keep the website magic going, be a SUPPORTER.

BUSINESSES – please ADVERTISE and SPONSOR – here’s how:
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NEIGHBORS – Please DONATE to Talmadge Community Association, our 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt, umbrella organization to support our TCA, TCC, and Website, here’s how:
1-Make checks payable to “TCA” and include “Website” in the memo section of  your check.

2-Please MAIL check to TCA, PO Box 600904, San Diego, CA 92160. Thank you!
Neighbors, we greatly appreciate monetary gifts of any amount. For your annual gift of $50 or more, we will proudly list your Name in the Donor section of our Sponsor webpage. Name will be listed as it appears on your check, unless you include a note with your mailed check instructing us differently (eg. John & Jan Doe, The Smith Family on Lucille Dr, The Neighbors of Dick St). Important opt-out:  If you do not wish to be listed online, please include a note with your mailed check instructing of such. 

The website is a multi-organizational effort. Website Content is maintained by the leaders & volunteers of Talmadge’s organizations. Website Operation is maintained by webmasters, Angela & Cris Noble of Noble Intent Studio. Website hosting and AtMail webmail are provided by Dreamhost. The website domain name is courtesy of the Talmadge Community Association (TCA).

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