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The Quigley Project

Situated between the new Copley-Price Family YMCA and the CVS on El Cajon Boulevard between Fairmount Avenue and 44th Street is a vacant lot, temporarily being rented by Fair@44 and, north toward Meade Avenue, a construction company. This site sits at the intersection of Kensington, Talmadge, and City Heights — three very different communities with […]

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KTPG Special Public Meeting

Price Charities will be presenting preliminary designs for the development of the property located at the northeast corner of El Cajon Blvd and Fairmount (between Fairmount and 44th), which falls within Talmadge boundaries and the Ken-Tal Planning Group area. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. and will take place at the Copley-Price YMCA Community Room […]

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Flashback 5 years ago to Spring 2012 and Talmadge Communication’s first launch of a Talmadge website which finally hosted all of Talmadge’s organizations at one online location. It provided our first Talmadge Calendar, featured photos of  our beloved streets, streetlights, canyons, historic gates, and promoted Talmadge publicly as a Great Place to Live! The website, […]

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KenTal March 2017 Community Dinner

Kevin Bussett, Studio E Architects and AIA San Diego Commissioner for Public Awareness, will tell us the fascinating story of the evolution of San Diego’s architecture. Learn about the different styles, what determines materials, noted architects and iconic structures. Question and answer session will follow the presentation. Dinner provided by Rosie O’Gradys Learn more and […]

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About GoogleGroup Email

Talmadge is proud to have a GoogleGroup which has been operating for more than a decade. By joining this group, members confirm that they are Talmadge area property owners, residents, business owners/non-profit directors, leaders of neighboring communities, or City/State officials who serve our Talmadge neighborhood. Here’s information about the Talmadge Googlegroup, followed by instructions to […]

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About Nextdoor

Neighbors NOT ON NEXTDOOR -JOIN US!– Nextdoor is a national, private social network for neighborhoods. As shown on the Map below,  we have 3 Nextdoor Neighborhoods  within Talmadge which interact with each other and also interact with Nearby Nextdoor Neighborhoods outside of Talmadge.  Unlike the Talmadge Googlegroup which is dedicated to communication with our Reps, […]

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Home Security Assessment

The Talmadge Patrol has worked with the SDPD to create a Home Security Assessment Program to identify possible areas of improvement in Talmadge homes and, if necessary, the assistance in the installation of alarm systems and security cameras. Home Security Assessments provide a complete review of all aspects of physical security at the home. The […]

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Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program

The Talmadge Patrol’s Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program was prompted by the need for safe lighting for Talmadge residents. Many residents who reside on alleyways or have dark garage areas on streets have installed low-watt dusk to dawn lights as a great energy-efficient alternative way to light dark areas. It is well known by police […]

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Clean Alley Program

The Talmadge Watch Patrol spends a considerable amount of time patrolling the alleys of Talmadge – not only to prevent criminal activity but also to monitor graffiti and illegal dumping. In 2009, several alleys in East Talmadge had become almost inaccessible due to ongoing dumping. The Talmadge Patrol instituted the Clean Alley Program in conjunction […]

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