TCC Action Team

The Talmadge Community Council’s Action Team was created to address ad hoc and sometimes complex issues that arise unexpectedly, but also ongoing issues which need specific focused volunteer action. The team works proactively to immediately build community support for a particular plan of action that addresses the issue at hand.

The liaisons for the Action Team are Tom Barb, Ann Burnette-Troisi and Kelly Wagonner, who work closely with other volunteers, groups, subcommittees and organizations within our community including Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD), Talmadge Patrol, Talmadge Fire Safety Committee, Neighborhood Watch, Kensington-Talmadge Planning Group (KTPG) and its subcommittees. The KTPG is uniquely positioned to work with city officials to identify issues, call for City action, partner with the City to remedy blight/code compliance or input on SANDAG planning for our roadways.

The Action Team not only welcomes but needs your participation as issues are announced and support is requested. For more information or to volunteer, please contact

Current Issues

SANDAG’s Mid-City Bike Corridor
This project is designed to pass through Talmadge with a two-way bike lane along the south side of Monroe from 44th Street to Collwood. In a Survey Monkey distributed in July, the community overwhelmingly supports this project.

On September 1, the community was informed by the City’s Transportation Engineering Department that they wanted SANDAG to re-design the section between Aldine and Euclid as an eastbound bike lane only on the south side, and the westbound bike lane on the north side; westbound bike travel would transition to the south side (to continue behind Hoover) via a lighted crosswalk at the top of the hill at Aldine. The Action Team is working to gain support from the community and the City to maintain the original SANDAG design for the two-way bike lane all of the way on the south side of Monroe.

Left Turns from 47th Street
The City’s Traffic Engineering Department has unilaterally reopened the left-turns from 47th Street from both the north and south sides of Monroe. The Action Team has heard from many community members that this is an unsafe condition, and the Team is working with the City to get this reversed to right turns only. This item was also overwhelmingly supported by the community via two Survey Monkey surveys.

Blighted Aldine Property
The property at 4650 Aldine Drive has been in a blighted condition for over 25 years. After many attempts to have this property cleaned up, and asking the City Attorney’s office (through complaints to Code Compliance, Fire, Police, etc.), the Judge (on Sept. 15, 2015) ordered the property owner to begin clean-up, remove the fence, and submit construction plans and obtain permits by Oct. 15. The Action Team is monitoring this property very closely and community members are attending court hearings related to the property.

Homeless Encampments
As a result of problems with homeless encampments in our canyons, several residents asked the Mid-City Police Command to take action in removing these encampments. As a result, the encampments have been removed and signs placed in strategic locations along Aldine and Fairmount making it illegal to set up camp in these areas. This is being watched very closely.

In the meantime, the police department holds monthly meetings with the communities to come up with suggestions to address the homeless population. Community members attend these monthly meetings at SDPD.

Traffic Circle at 49th/Adams/Lorraine
The Action Team has been working with the City’s Traffic Engineering Dept. to bring this intersection up to the required safety standard, with raised medians to direct traffic in the correct direction. We received a design from the City on September 24, and are currently awaiting a cost estimate to complete this work.

Past Issues

Blighted Property
A refusal of a Talmadge property owner to comply with city property codes resulted in a blighted property at the entrance to our community. The property was not in compliance with code, and because of the numerous code violations and expired permits, etc., the City Attorney’s office elected to pursue the matter as a criminal violation. This criminal prosecution resulted in a Plea Bargain Agreement establishing a compliance deadline for this property, which has successfully eliminated this blight.

Little Saigon Distric

The Action Team worked to provide input and assistance to the newly designated The Little Saigon District on El Cajon Blvd, which extends from Highland Ave to Euclid Ave. The Action Team focused on improving walkability issues for this area of Talmadge, as well as providing input and suggestions for improvements to be made to the area, both as they relate to infrastructure, landscaping, as well as safety and clean-up issues.

Aldine/Monroe Intersection
The Action Team successfully organized opposition against the City’s installation of All Way Stop signs at the Aldine/Monroe intersection which finally resulted in the installation of Speed Cushions, currently in place.