Installation of Gates/Lights at Traffic Circle

On December 7, 2016 we are scheduled to have the 3 refurbished gates/light sets reinstalled at the center of the traffic circle, just in time for the Christmas caroling event on Sunday, December 11. We thank you all for your patience during the process, and a special thank you to the neighbors who donated the funds and installed the temporary lighting around the circle while the gates were removed.

You will also see that Ramona Concrete and Paving has been doing a lot of prep work around the locations where the remaining gates will be reinstalled once they are refurbished – such as at Adams/49th, Monroe/49th alley, Madison/49th alley, Highland at Monroe, etc. As they are repaving the areas and getting the footings ready for the reinstall, we also ask for your patience and care in walking/driving/parking in these areas until the gates are reinstalled.

I will be in touch with the contractors to stay apprised of installation dates, and then we would like to have a dedication ceremony once the gates are re-installed to commemorate this CIP project and the commitment of the neighborhood to restoring and maintaining these historically designated features of our community.

Kelly Waggonner
Chair, TMAD