ECBBIA Update: June 2017

Notes from the June Design Committee Meeting

(takes place the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m.)

Little Saigon Area
The Little Saigon Foundation has donated and installed 8 trash cans in their district from Highland to Euclid. These will be maintained (trash emptied) by the MAD.

Pavers are being installed in the district and so far cover a total of 3 locations.

A City Heights architect, Nick, has proposed plans for the area which will provide a grid system for hanging overhead shading, arranging furniture and a stage area, and in general providing an organized system for place-making.

Notes from the June Economic Development Committee Meeting

(takes place the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m.)

Incubation Project PopUp15

The BIA has secured $15,000 in grant funding from the County for the current incubation project which will provide for landscaping, shade, stage, children’s activities, etc., and will likely fund the proposal from Nick (mentioned above).

The lease is renewed through May 2018. This lot will eventually be developed. There is also a vacant lot on the west side of the 15. They are working with the two council office districts these lots are within to develop an RFP process that would perhaps include both lots. A survey will be distributed to area stakeholders via Council Office email lists, Nextdoor, and public meetings (such as the KTPG). Look for these surveys in the coming month.

Incubation Project Fair@44

Fair@44 will soon be open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 4-9 p.m. in addition to their usual schedule every Wednesday. The Dojo Project, which will open in July, may bring the market up to daily operation. See their Instagram account for weekly vendor spotlights and schedule.

In terms of long term development, this lot is set to be developed some time in the next few years (see more on the Quigley Project). A component of the future development is the “Civic Moment” as proposed by architect Rob Quigley. The BIA is pushing for this space to be developed into something similar to what New Orleans piloted with The Refresh Project, a mini Whole Foods store with a community garden. The BIA is partnering with USD to bring this project to Price Charities for consideration.

Incubation Project Little Saigon District/Night Market
A lot of funding ($100k+) has been secured, and with support from District 9 Council Member Georgette Gomez, we expect to see some changes in this district soon.

Economic Development Tour
Will take place October 2017

Business Recruitment & Retention
The BIA, in partnership with Civic San Diego and Americorp, are working with area businesses to help them obtain non-traditional business loans. El Borrego will be the first business to be funded through their access to capital program. They will be expanding the back of their business to incorporate a large patio and beer garden. Mark your calendars for the morning of 7/26 to celebrate at El Borrego on this milestone and learn more about their development plans.

LK Fashion (at 54th and ECB and also at Fair@44 on Wednesdays) has also been approved by the BIA for a KIVA-funded loan.

3 area businesses are taking advantage of the BIA’s storefront improvement funds. Look for makeovers at City Pub (formerly Last Call), El Borrego, and Goodbody Mortuary.