Talmadge Communications


We are privileged in Talmadge to have a trifecta of online communication platforms to support our Talmadge organizations in doing their neighborhood work and to keep our neighborhood connected, informed, fun, and always improving.

IMPORTANT to NOTE: The Talmadge Website hosts our Talmadge Organizations and showcases our our Talmadge neighborhood to the public. However, the Talmadge GoogleGroup and the Talmadge Nextdoor forums require membership to join. To understand their distinctions, these communications platforms are described below:

Talmadge.org website: Our public online showcase and Talmadge’s primary information source. SEE: News, Maps, Talmadge Calendar, Organizations’ Webpages, Contacts, Safety, Neighbor Welcome, Googlegroup & Nextdoor info, Talmadge History, Volunteer opportunities, Talmadge Real Estate & Sponsors, etc.

Talmadge GoogleGroup: Members join up for this infoshare by Talmadge Leadership, Police, Public Officials, Government Offices, Community Leaders. Not a Talmadge Googlegroup member? Learn more.

Talmadge Nextdoors: Members join up for this Neighbor-to-Neighbor forum designed especially for Neighborhoods. Neighborhood Watch and Talmadge Leadership notifications are here. Nextdoor provides Neighborhood Directory, Private Messaging, Urgent Alerts, Events, Classifieds, Lost&Found, Recommendations, Business Pages, and exchange with Nearby Neighborhoods. Nextdoors are administrated and guidelined by Nextdoor.com and locally assisted by neighbor volunteers known as “Leads”.  Not on Nextdoor? Learn more.

Volunteers are always needed to keep our neighborhood Communications at their best performance and delivering the most current & accurate content possible. If volunteers are thin… then performance, service request turnaround, and our quality content can suffer. So, step up Talmadge! Volunteer and keep our neighborhood communications reliable and at the highest of standards. Currently we are in need of the following volunteers, please contact talcom@talmadge.org if interested:

– Talmadge Website Helpdesk: WANTED – “tech” volunteers with WordPress skills or computer savy volunteers willing to learn WordPress skills and to lessen the Content Editor workload on the Talmadge.org Webmaster. These volunteers would  be needed just a few hours a month to assist our Talmadge Leadership in maintaining their webpage content, calendar events, and working links. Great way to get to help our Talmadge Leaders!

-Talmadge Googlegroup: WANTED –  Googlegroup expert for occasional consult to review & assist with settings.

-Talmadge Nextdoor: WANTED – “junior” Leads to learn & perform best practices, content support, and assist Talmadge Nextdoor members. Candidates must have current Nextdoor membership in good standing, familiarity with Talmadge/Talmadge Organizations, a good working knowledge of Nextdoor features/functions,  a good understanding of Nextdoor.com Guidelines, Nextdoor Help, and Nextdoor Support to maintain forum compliance.

Below is a Listing of the past Communications volunteers. For now, we are leaving up this Listing to give recognition and heartfelt thanks to these volunteers. Several of these volunteers continue communications work for Talmadge and are currently active in the transition to the new Talmadge.org website or supporting Talmadge Googlegroup / Talmadge Nextdoors.

PAST Talmadge Communications (TalCom) Committee:
Chair: Robin Behm
Website Admins: Robert Reed, Robin Behm
Talmadge GoogleGroup Admins: Kelly Waggonner, Kerry Foley
Communication Interfaces/Special Tools Admins: Robin Behm, Wendy Beerbower

PAST Website Support Team:
Admins: Robert Reed, Robin Behm
Helpdesk: Brett Guenther
Sponsor Recruitment: Robin Behm

Webpage Content Owners (Leaders & Volunteers of our Talmadge organizations):
TCC – Homepage: Brian Helmich (Chair)
TCC – Action Team: Ann Burnett-Troisi, Kelly Waggoner
TCC – City Goverment Interfaces: Brian Helmich
TCC – Fire Safe Committee: Ken Horsley
TCC – Communications: Brian Helmich
TCC – Neighbor Welcome: Kathy McClelland
TCC –  Volunteer Recruitment:  Robin Behm,  now transitioned to Kathy McClelland
TMAD – Home & Subpages: Fred Lindahl/TMAD Secr, Howard Smith/TMAD Communications
TW:VCP – Talmadge PATROL: Rudy Heilig/Kelly Waggonner now transitioned to John Royal
Talmadge Neighborhood WATCH – Mo McElroy
KTPG – For conduit webpage/navigation to external KTPG website, Support now transitioned to Angela Noble
BLOCK PARTY: For conduit webpage/navigation to external TBP website, Support now transitioned to Angela Noble
Calendar, Sponsorship, and all Non-Organizational Webpages : Robin Behm, now transitioned to Angela Noble