Talmadge.org Website Relaunched!

Flashback 5 years ago to Spring 2012 and Talmadge Communication’s first launch of a Talmadge website which finally hosted all of Talmadge’s organizations at one online location. It provided our first Talmadge Calendar, featured photos of  our beloved streets, streetlights, canyons, historic gates, and promoted Talmadge publicly as a Great Place to Live! The website, completely built and maintained by volunteers somehow chugged along on a wing & a prayer, free of charge, keeping Talmadge informed & connected. The website aged out, but during its service it boasted Talmadge’s progress in under-grounded utilities, new sewer & water mains, newly paved streets, new street lights, our acclaimed Watch & Patrol, and the many good works of our vital neighborhood organizations. Neighborhood websites are so important to telling a neighborhood’s story to potential homebuyers & homerenters. Many a new neighbor applauded the website for helping them see that Talmadge was a “together” & connected neighborhood accomplishing the goals needed to ensure high quality of life in an exceptional neighborhood. Evident to all seeking to live here, indeed Talmadge is a very special neighborhood and among the best San Diego has to offer.

Fast-forward 5 years later after a neighborhood fundraiser and gifting from Talmadge Block Party, to this Feb 2017 website Relaunch. TalCom in partnership with neighbor-owned Noble Intent Studio is proud to deliver the NEW Talmadge.org Website! Take the website for a spin and enjoy Talmadge.org’s creative new design, upgraded technology, and user-friendly navigation. Joining the familiar Calendar and Organization webpages, are new additions for a more robust experience:  New-Neighbor Welcome Gate, Talmadge History, Talmadge News, Maps, Local Business Sponsors, and yep,  a Talmadge Real Estate page – why not – Talmadge is a GREAT place to live! So what Talmadge stories will this new website tell over the next 5 years? Surely the website will be boasting many exciting improvements, beginning with the restoration of our historic Talmadge Gates!

Enjoy the new Talmadge.org website everyone! It is here to welcome you, connect you, inform you, amuse you, interest you, help our neighborhood leadership, get you to meetings & events, keep you safe, and draw out the volunteer in you!  Use it, tour it, reference it, share & post info from it, submit photos & articles to it, help evolve it, sponsor & support it! Before we wrap, here are the folks, organizations, and businesses responsible for making this website relaunch a reality…. Talmadge thanks you!!

Thanks to the many generous Donors who contributed to our Website Fundraiser and very special thanks to the Talmadge Block Party for designating proceeds of past block parties to make the 2017 website redevelopment project possible!

Applause to Noble Intent Studio for redeveloping the website with an exciting new design and needed technical upgrades.  Big thanks to all photographers and history buffs who contributed so many great images for our new launch – keep it up!

Our gratitude to three advertisers, Afton Miller, and Megan Beauvais, and John & Laura Pool who stepped up early as sponsors on the old website to ensure transitional funding was secure for the first months of the new website. Thank you!