ECBBIA Update: March 2017

Notes from the Economic Development Committee Meeting
(takes place the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m.):

Incubation Project PopUp15
The lease is renewed through May 2018. Eat San Diego proposes adding a public garden that includes 3 raised garden beds to grow edible plants available for free to passersby. Area businesses or organizations could sponsor a garden and maintain it. Two other groups are working to design hardscape and structural designs for the space.

This lot will eventually be developed. There is also a vacant lot on the west side of the 15. They are working with the two council office districts these lots are within to develop an RFP process that would perhaps include both lots for some kind of high-density, transit-oriented development – essentially something other than a gas station. One developer who has projects downtown might be a good fit as they specialize in studio apartments. Aiming to send out RFPs in 6 months.

Incubation Project Fair@44
Hoping to begin opening on Saturdays as well as Wednesdays.

Incubation Project Little Saigon District/Night Market
Councilmember Georgette Gomez and the BIA aim to work together to get this cultural district off the ground.

Business Survey
There are 950 businesses in the 4.5 mile stretch of El Cajon Boulevard from Park to 54th. The corridor has been divided into “Hubs”: Texas, 30ECB at 30th Street, YMCA at Fairmount to Euclid, and Little Saigon from Euclid to 54th. BIA staff member Brenna, brought on through Americorp, is conducting a survey of all businesses to engage with either owners or managers. They are focusing on east-side businesses from Euclid to 54th since the other Hubs are already off the ground. They are working with business owners to potentially secure non-traditional small business loans for store improvements.

The Refresh Project
The BIA will be presenting The Refresh Project as an idea to incorporate into the new development Price Charities is working on at ECB and 44th.