ECBBIA Update: February 2018

Notes from the February 2018 Economic Development Committee Meeting

(takes place the third Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m.)

The city listened to BIA input and will not sell the properties without at least community input and agrees the lots on the East and West sides should be sold together, however, they may still be sold apart.

For the East lot, the KTPG and property owners nearby Central Ave are in agreement that Central should be shut down to traffic at the ECB intersection to facilitate the bikeway.

Little Saigon
LISC has funded market studies around the City Heights and El Cajon Boulevard area. They want to focus on development in the Little Saigon area.

Fair@44 Long-Term Development
Price Charities have scrapped their “civic moment” plan for this development and plan to do solely office space, more retail, and more housing to fill the entire lot. See notes from Price Charities’ presentation to the KTPG in February 2017 here.

What was originally presented as:
• A civic use space in the front portion of the lot adjacent to El Cajon Boulevard. The footprint of the building nearly half what it could be in favor of park-like space surrounding the building.
• An open lot space separating the front development from the back that could be used as a marketplace, much like fair@44 has been piloting.
• The back/north side development a mix of senior housing and general residential – both affordable and market rate. 195 2-3 bedroom units on floors 2-6, with first floor available for commercial space.

…now has turned into JUST housing and commercial space.

The BIA holds the opinion that Price is not a standard developer, and we should not simply let this space become a standard housing development. We as a community need to hold Price accountable to their promise of serving the community within which they develop projects.