Art Mural Restoration

Check out the great results of Talmadge Watch’s Faye Elementary Art Mural Restoration Project. Special thanks to Councilmember Georgette Gomez and her staff Matt Yagyagan and Chris for helping with the project today. Graffiti removed and fence and painting restored!

As most of you know the Talmadge Patrol partnered with Crawford High and the San Diego Cultural Art Alliance back in September 2014 to paint out this graffiti ridden corner of 51st at Faye Elementary with a mural design. Over the years the design has been tagged with graffiti as has the restored fence. With the volunteer hours of several patrollers including Patrol President John Royal, Becky Royal & Timmy and Zach, as well as patroller Sally Brett, Kristin Roscoe, and Rudy Heilig and Kelly Waggonner, the art mural restoration project was almost completely finished. Check out the before and after photos below. 3 hours, some donuts and a lot of elbow grease, solvents and touch-up paint and ta-da!!! Amazing – looks almost as clean and shiny as it did back in 2014!

Phase 2 will include the completion of the repainting the areas that have been torn away by repainting those faces and parts, and repainting 2 of the kids who were unfortunately destroyed beyond repair.

So proud to be part of such a great non-profit organization! Thank you Councilmember Gomez and Talmadge Watch Patrol.