Roads & Walks Committee

The Roads & Walks Subcommittee is chaired by Board Director Martin Flores and is served by several TMAD directors past & present. The subcommittee is monitoring and evaluating four design studies being conducted by the City and other San Diego agencies:

a. Pedestrian Master Plan – April 2012. (Advance Planning & Engineering, Maureen Gardiner)
b. City Heights Walkability Study – July 2012 (Walk San Diego)
c. Euclid Avenue & Talmadge Gateway – April 16, 2013 (City Heights C DC, Cindi Fargo)
d. North Park-Mid City Regional Bike Corridor Project- In Progress (SANDAG, Bridget Enderle)

Once all the results of the planning studies have been published, the subcommittee will evaluate the merits of each study and reprioritize the TMAD Roads and Walks project list to identify, and rank prospective projects for the future. Ultimately, the reprioritized list of future projects will be reviewed and approved by the TMAD Board.

It is the consensus of the Roads & Walk Subcommittee that the list of future projects can be done within the framework of the current TMAD Master Plan. To view the project list and map click here.

To submit any questions/input to the Roads & Walks Committee, please contact Wendy Beerbower at