Talmadge Watch: Volunteer Citizens Patrol

The Talmadge Watch: Volunteer Citizens Patrol (TW:VCP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. The Patrol program is designed to deter criminal activity in the Talmadge neighborhood by providing a visible presence of volunteer security patrols on all neighborhood streets and alleys.  talmadgepatrol@yahoo.com  619-453-8268

Patrol Car

Participants are trained to “observe and report” criminal activity and suspicious activity to the San Diego Mid-City Police Division. The Talmadge Patrol was started a group of neighbors in Fall 2007 who were concerned about an increasing crime rate in Talmadge. To address the problem neighbors began working together to develop several programs associated with our Talmadge-based neighborhood watch program, including the Talmadge Patrol and the Graffiti Elimination program, “E-TAG” (Eliminate Talmadge Area Graffiti).

Programs, Projects, & Committees

Clean Alley Program

The Talmadge Watch Patrol spends a considerable amount of time patrolling the alleys of Talmadge – not only to prevent criminal activity but also to monitor graffiti and illegal dumping. In 2009, several alleys in East Talmadge had become almost inaccessible due to ongoing dumping. The Talmadge Patrol instituted the Clean Alley Program in conjunction […]

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Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program

The Talmadge Patrol’s Dusk to Dawn Lighting Program was prompted by the need for safe lighting for Talmadge residents. Many residents who reside on alleyways or have dark garage areas on streets have installed low-watt dusk to dawn lights as a great energy-efficient alternative way to light dark areas. It is well known by police […]

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Graffiti Abatement

“E-TAG” (Eliminate Talmadge Area Graffiti) is a program of the Talmadge Watch: Volunteer Citizens Patrol. Since 2008, the Patrol has partnered with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office Community Court program to utilize the community service hours of Community Court offenders to remove graffiti throughout the Talmadge neighborhood and surrounding Mid-City neighborhoods. Beginning in 2012, […]

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Home Security Assessment

The Talmadge Patrol has worked with the SDPD to create a Home Security Assessment Program to identify possible areas of improvement in Talmadge homes and, if necessary, the assistance in the installation of alarm systems and security cameras. Home Security Assessments provide a complete review of all aspects of physical security at the home. The […]

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Neighborhood Watch

Talmadge Neighborhood Watch prevents and reduces crime through community education, neighborhood volunteerism, and police and local government involvement. Block Captains and “BlockWatch” groups on Nextdoor.com are components of Neighborhood Watch, promoting awareness among neighbors and bringing us together! Our neighborhood watch is part of Talmadge’s commitment to a strong and safe community. Talmadge Neighborhood Watch […]

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Patrolling works to reduce crime!
Statistics from 2008 through 2011 show a 50+% reduction in crimes in the Talmadge neighborhood. The mission of Talmadge Watch: Volunteer Citizens Patrol is to enhance and support the delivery of public services to the community of Talmadge and adjoining neighborhoods.

Participation in the Talmadge Patrol is completely voluntary. The Patrol currently has more than 30 registered volunteers. The Talmadge Patrol provides training in conjunction with the command of the San Diego Police Department’s Mid-City Division. The ultimate benefit from the Talmadge Patrol program is reduction of crime in the Talmadge neighborhood.


Working cooperatively, neighbors are helping to ensure that Talmadge is a more secure, safer, cleaner, and more friendly environment in which to live and thrive.

All services are provided free of charge and all donations to the TW:VCP 501(c)3 are tax deductible. Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and help offset the costs of equipment, operating the Talmadge Patrol car, and supply costs for the E-TAG program.

Interested in volunteer opportunities or making a donation?
Email talmadgepatrol@yahoo.com, or you may reach the volunteer phone line at 619-453-8268.

Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and help offset the costs of equipment, operating the Talmadge Patrol car, and supply costs for the E-TAG program. Officially, the Talmadge Watch: Volunteer Citizens Patrol (TW:VCP) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. For tax reporting purposes, you will receive a TW:VCP fulfillment letter stating the FEIN# and that your contribution may be claimed as a charitable donation on your federal tax return.

To mail a donation, please follow these instructions to write/mail your check and ensure your donation is applied properly. We thank you for your generosity and support!

Please make check payable to TW:VCP
Please mail your donation to: TW:VCP, PO Box 600904, San Diego, CA 92160

NOTE: By donating you permit us to post your name as one of our Patrons if we establish an “Our Patrons” thank you section on our webpage. If instead, you prefer to be posted as ”Anonymous”, or posted to include the members of your household/family, then please enclose a note of your request with your check.

If you have any questions, please email talmadgepatrol@yahoo.com – thank you!

In addition to the Talmadge patrol program, TW:VCP organizes a variety of volunteer services and activities designed to promote public safety and security. See our current projects below.


Art Mural Restoration
contributed by Kelly Waggonner

Check out the great results of Talmadge Watch’s Faye Elementary Art Mural Restoration Project. Special thanks to Councilmember Georgette Gomez and her staff Matt Yagyagan and Chris for helping with the project today. Graffiti removed and fence and painting restored! As most of you know the Talmadge Patrol partnered with Crawford High and the San […]

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