Talmadge Community Council (TCC)

The Talmadge Community Council (TCC) is a neighborhood open-forum for residents/property owners in the greater Talmadge area. The TCC Chair facilitates a bi-monthly meeting consisting of reports from the relevant City of San Diego officials, our Talmadge Organizations [Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD), Kensington-Talmadge Planning Group (KTPG), Talmadge Patrol, and Neighborhood Watch], and agenda items raised by Talmadge residents. TCC is Talmadge’s “Live Newsletter” where attendees become efficiently and effectively informed on what is happening in and around the neighborhood.

Talmadge always needs volunteers, and here is where residents can learn much to assess their best volunteer fit. The TCC also includes several working committees providing important service to the Talmadge community.

The TCC Chair is Brian Helmich. The City Officials who routinely attend the bi-monthly TCC forum and hear Talmadge’s needs and concerns are: City Council District 9 staffer, our City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor, our San Diego Police Department Community Liaison Officer. Occasionally, our City Council Member, a Mayor’s Office rep, and our State Assemblymember attend the TCC meetings to address State and Local issues of interest to the Talmadge community.

The working committees of the TCC include:

Action Team
Co-Chairs: Tom Barb, Ann Burnette-Troisi, and Kelly Waggonner

City Government Interfaces
9th District City Council Member Georgette Gomez
City Attorney’s Office Representative Jeff Brooker
SDPD Community Relations Officer Terry Hoskins
Mayor’s Office Community Representative Eric Young II

Talmadge Fire Safe Committee (TFSC)
Chair: Ken Horsley

Talmadge Interfaces
TMAD, KTPG, Talmadge Patrol, Neighborhood Watch, Block Party

Neighbor Welcome
Chair: Kathy McClelland

Talmadge Communications 

• Talmadge Website Talmadge.org:  Angela Noble is contact at:  webmaster@talmadge.org

• Talmadge Googlegroup:  Kelly Waggonner is contact at:  googlegroup@talmadge.org

• Talmadge Nextdoors:
–NextdoorTALMADGE: Primary Lead is Robert Reed
(Members can message Robert here on Nextdoor)
–NextdoorTalmadgeSOUTH: Primary Lead is Angela Noble
(Members can message Angela here on Nextdoor)
–NextdoorTalmadgeWEST: Primary Lead is Ron Anderson
(Members can message Ron here on Nextdoor)


Want to Volunteer? Want to participate in the next TCC Meeting?
If you are interested in working on a TCC committee, or if you have an item you would like placed on the meeting agenda, please contact Chair, Brian Helmich at tccchair@talmadge.org

We invite you to attend TCC meetings to stay current and informed about issues in and around the Talmadge community!

The strength, unity, and ongoing efforts for a better Talmadge are driven by Talmadge’s leaders and volunteers across the neighborhood organizations. These organizations’ representatives attend and present at the Talmadge Community Council (TCC) Forum routinely. By simply attending the TCC Forum, one is treated to an extraordinary, live cross-org infoshare from TCC, TMAD, TW:VCP, Block Party, and KTPG. There is simply no better way for a new neighbor to learn, for property owners/residents to stay current, or for Talmadge leadership to exchange. What these leaders learn from TCC forum is taken back to their organizations, as they know that having a true pulse on the neighborhood is essential to their effective leadership. The Talmadge leadership’s participation in the TCC Forum fosters the discussions for essential brainstorming, coordination, problem solving, and improvements in the Talmadge community!

Programs, Projects, & Committees

City Government Interfaces

Resource Phone List Last updated 9/20/2017 12:35:00 PM Abandoned Vehicles: 858-495-7856 Abandoned/unattended personal belongings or waste in public: 858-694-7000 Animal Regulation: 619-236-4250 Balboa Park Information: 619-239-0512 Beach & Bay Advisory: 619-338-2073 Bicycle License: 619-533-4300 Birth Records: 619-237-0502 Death Records: 619-533-4430 Brush Abatement/Fire Hazard: 619-533-4411 Building Permits: 619-446-5000 Buses/MTS Access: 619-233-3004 CAPP Coordinator – Mid-City: 619-516-3055 […]

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Neighbor Welcome Committee

New to Talmadge? If you recently moved to Talmadge, let us welcome you! The volunteers from Talmadge Neighborhood Welcome have a welcome packet and some goodies to deliver to your new home. Please contact the Welcome Chair, Kathy McClelland, at neighborwelcome@talmadge.org In your email, please include your name, address, phone, and date you moved in; […]

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Talmadge Communications

   TALMADGE WEBSITE – TALMADGE GOOGLEGROUP – TALMADGE NEXTDOORS! We are privileged in Talmadge to have a trifecta of online communication platforms to support our Talmadge organizations in doing their neighborhood work and to keep our neighborhood connected, informed, fun, and always improving. IMPORTANT to NOTE: The Talmadge Website hosts our Talmadge Organizations and showcases […]

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Talmadge Fire Safety Committee

Talmadge Fire Safety Committee (TFSC) is a volunteer organization established to promote fire safety for all residents of Talmadge. The primary function of TFSC is to provide information to assist residents with fire safety awareness. TFSC is not an enforcement entity. Contact: firesafe@talmadge.org 1985 Normal Heights Fire Approximately 2 miles west of Talmadge, a fire […]

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TCC Action Team

The Talmadge Community Council’s Action Team was created to address ad hoc and sometimes complex issues that arise unexpectedly, but also ongoing issues which need specific focused volunteer action. The team works proactively to immediately build community support for a particular plan of action that addresses the issue at hand. The liaisons for the Action […]

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Special Projects

Proposed SANDAG Bike Plan coming through Monroe/Euclid/Aldine

Click here to view SANDAG’s presentation given to the TCC meeting on July 18, 2017.

Click here to view SANDAG’s presentation given to the Kensington-Talmadge Planning Group meeting on July 11, 2018.

Click here to view the September 2018 TCC meeting slides; Monroe Bikeway Update begins on slide 15.


A traffic study was done by the City of San Diego in February 2016. It covered northbound and southbound traffic on Adams Avenue, Euclid Avenue and 49th Street. The posted speed limit on those streets is 25 MPH. The study showed that all average speeds were above the 25 MPH speed limit. For details and locations of the devices from where the data was captured, please click here.

There is a mobility study (Nov 2016) for El Cajon Boulevard being done by the City of San Diego. All details can be found on the Kensington Talmadge Planning Group site at ktpg.org The current meeting announcement and other presentations are in the documents section under the Transportation category.


Talmadge.org Website Relaunched!
contributed by Robin Behm, Talmadge Communications Chair

Flashback 5 years ago to Spring 2012 and Talmadge Communication’s first launch of a Talmadge website which finally hosted all of Talmadge’s organizations at one online location. It provided our first Talmadge Calendar, featured photos of  our beloved streets, streetlights, canyons, historic gates, and promoted Talmadge publicly as a Great Place to Live! The website, […]

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