Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD)

In a Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), property owners within the district pay for and receive a special benefit of services above-and-beyond what the City of San Diego provides. The citizen advisory committee working with the City for the Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District (TMAD) is an elected Board of Directors and subcommittee volunteers from within the Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District and operating under the TMAD By-Laws.

Since 1999, TMAD’s efforts have been funded by the tax assessments as well as city and county grants. The money collected in the district is required to be spent in Talmadge under the guidelines of a Master Plan developed with input from the community. The plan includes: improvements to the entrances of the community with landscaping, trees, and restoration of the historic gates, the creation of a centerpiece for the neighborhood with landscaping at the traffic circle at 49th and Adams Avenue; the addition of street trees and most recently, the restoration, replacement and installation of historically relevant street lighting throughout the community.

TMAD Meetings, open to all, are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except Aug & Dec) at 6:30pm. Meeting locations will be announced meeting-by meeting.  TMAD is actively working to find a permanent home for its in-person meetings.

Geographically, TMAD is only a subset of the greater Talmadge area. The TMAD district begins with the Monroe Avenue addressed properties on the South and continues North to the canyons. (NOTE: at Monroe & 44th, addresses 4492 & 4494 on 44th Street are South of Monroe but within the District. NOTE: In the North canyons, the Talmadge Canyon Park apartment complex, East of Fairmount, is not within the District). Members of TMAD are the property owners within this boundary, as can be confirmed on a parcel’s property tax bill where the TMAD assessment is listed. See the TMAD Boundary Map City of San Diego 2000 for official boundaries.

More information about TMAD, and Maintenance Assessment Districts within the City of San Diego generally, can be found here.

Programs, Projects, & Committees

Beautification & Tree Committee

Excerpts from KPBS article San Diegans Need More Trees In The City by Tom Fudge “A robust urban forest is an important part of any urban environment. And San Diego is very short of trees. You can illustrate the problem in a couple of ways. For one thing, the U.S. Forest Service recommends cities have […]

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Historic Gate Restoration Project

The Talmadge gates are located on the southern and eastern boundaries of Talmadge Park Unit #3 and Talmadge Park Estates Unit #1 and placed to identify key entrances into the subdivisions. The gates are in eight locations (each location consists of two gates): Highland Avenue, Euclid Avenue, 48th Street, Estrella Avenue (the east gate was […]

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Roads & Walks Committee

The Roads & Walks Subcommittee is chaired by Board Director Martin Flores and is served by several TMAD directors past & present. The subcommittee is monitoring and evaluating four design studies being conducted by the City and other San Diego agencies: a. Pedestrian Master Plan – April 2012. (Advance Planning & Engineering, Maureen Gardiner) b. […]

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Streetlight Project History

Talmadge Maintenance Assessment District Lighting Master Plan – April 2004 The Talmadge Lighting Master Plan will address the following issues: 1. Identify the location of the power for each circuit. 2. Define the lights supported by each circuit. 3. Identify, and get period reports, from the City of the maintenance costs charged to TMAD 4. […]

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TMAD Board of Directors

TMAD Board Officers:
Chair – Brian Helmich
Vice Chair – Howard Smith
Secretary – Debbie Sanders
Treasurer – John Royal

TMAD Board Members:
Norma Clark
Fred Lindahl

Board Member elections are held annually at October meeting.


Talmadge Gates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
contributed by Kelly Waggonner & Fred Lindahl, TMAD

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held Friday, January 19, 2018 celebrated the newly restored Historic Talmadge Gates, an accomplishment of TMAD and so many years of work by countless community members. The Talmadge gates are defining historical features of our community and contribute to our unique neighborhood. Lack of maintenance and wear and tear over the […]

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Talmadge’s Historic Gates
contributed by Fred Lindahl

The Talmadge gates were designed in the mid-1920′s by engineer Frank R. Carlson and cast in 1927 at Union Machine Works in San Diego, at 406 West Market Street, at a cost of $1,000 per gate.

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Installation of Gates/Lights at Traffic Circle
contributed by Kelly Waggonner, TMAD Chair

On December 7, 2016 we are scheduled to have the 3 refurbished gates/light sets reinstalled at the center of the traffic circle, just in time for the Christmas caroling event on Sunday, December 11. We thank you all for your patience during the process, and a special thank you to the neighbors who donated the […]

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